Business Advisory

The modern business environment is considered volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Daily businesses are faced with new challenges as they plan, organise and run their business operations. The challenges are broad ranging from financing, marketing, strategy, talent management to name but a few.

Through our business advisory services, we focus on helping small and medium enterprises to transform and rethink through their business processes and operations. We aim at helping our clients work more effectively and efficiently, critically analysing talent management, cost management, financial planning, business strategy, business processes and all facets of the enterprise.

At Jking we believe finding the right solutions to business problems lies in asking the right questions. This is exactly what our consultants aim at achieving during engagements with clients- asking the right questions. We engage with our clients to turn strategy in action, to acceleration profitable innovation and optimise organisational capabilities and capacities.

We currently provide business advisory services in:

  • Business diagnostic reviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Value maximization
  • Business process automation and process alignment
  • Internal audits
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Compliance audits
  • Business growth and profitability consulting